What Should You Do After A Car Accident?

We all are aware that accidents happen around the world on an alarmingly high rate. Some are fatal and some are minor. Some only damage properties while some have to seek insurance for the car damages. Whatever it is an accident is an accident and most of us are never prepared to meet one. Thus, a lot of people do not know exactly what to do at that time and panic. There certain things to all accidents that you will have to do. These are for accidents that can properly be called as accident and not the ones where your vehicle was scratch while reversing. 

Human lives are important, that includes yours – there things that you have to do in the self-interest of you and the people around who are involved in the accident. When you meet with an accident, stop. Do not drive away from the accident. It will make things worse if you were caught on CCTV or other witnesses. When there you should make sure to protect the accident scene by switching on the hazards lights for safety or by keeping your flash switched on and get proper car service.

You should call the police. Even if there are no injuries to the individuals you will have to call the police anyway to claim insurance on your damaged vehicle. Without contacting the police you will not be able make a claim from insurance. Always remember that the vehicles involved in the accident must remain as they are unless they interfere with traffic or otherwise. You have to move make sure you take proper pictures of the whole accident so that you have exactly proper evidence of scene even after moving the vehicle. You will probably need a tow truck for Brisbane towing away the damaged car of yours if it is not in a condition to be driven again. You could call one yourself or chances are the police or the insurance company will have a contact.

Tell everything you need to tell about the accident and give an exact report of the incident to the police. If you are injured tell them you are and if you are not sure don’t say no because normally you will not feel the effects of the pain of the accident until the next day or so. 

Do not forget to contact the insurance company as well and make sure you exchange contact information of the persons involved in the accident because if in case you need to witness or for some emergency purpose regarding to the incident it will come in handy. 

Don’t panic and keep calm at all times. Please drive safe.