Lost Your Keys? The Most Common Places People Lose Their Keys

If you’re like most people in the world, then you have lost your keys a couple of times and panicked when you realized they were gone. If you were lucky, you might have found them. If not, there would’ve been a flurry of changing locks and keys before anyone broke in and stole the silver. Keys are notorious for getting lost; even the most organized people misplace them. Since it’s such an issue, here is a list of the most common places people lose their keys in. So next time you see that it’s gone, check the places below before going to the locksmith.

You Left Them At Home

The most common “lost” scenario isn’t actually losing it; it’s been left home. The keys are still sitting wherever you left them at home, whether it’s on the sideboard, the dining table or your dressing table. Most organized people fall into this category: they cannot believe that they were absentminded enough to leave the keys at home because usually they are so organized and have a ritual, so they immediately assume that the keys are lost or were stolen. In reality, they’re waiting for you at home. So go home and check a few times before panicking.

You Dropped Them in the Car

Assuming of course that these are your house keys and not your car keys, it’s very common to drop them in the car or car park in Surry Hills because people are always in a hurry to get into or out of vehicles. So if you drove to work, or got a life from someone, then check their vehicles when you see your keys are missing.

Check the gravel of the car park, or if it’s a lot, look around the neighbouring vehicles’ tyres. If the keys fell inside the car, they could be wedged down the back of a seat or jammed under it, or even slipped under the carpeting. Do a thorough search first. Click this link https://www.carparkit.com.au/bondi/ if you are looking for cheap parking in Bondi.

You Dropped Them on the Way

People have a habit of keeping their keys in their coat pockets. Not such a good idea when they can easily fall out along with anything else in your pockets. The jangle can get lost in the background noise so you won’t even know that they fell out when you reached in to take something else out of the pocket. As soon as you realize your keys are missing, re trace your steps. Chances are that the keys fell out on the way to wherever you are and they could still be laying there.

Someone Nicked It

If all else fails and you still didn’t find your keys, it’s safe to assume that some light- fingered hand pocketed your keys. This is another reason why you shouldn’t keep keys in your coat pocket. Always put them in an inner pocket of your coat, your jacket pockets or a bag. Make it harder for pickpockets to reach it. Some even go to the length of attaching keys to clothing using key chains but that is not necessary. What IS necessary is to get hold of a locksmith immediately and change all your locks and keys.